Hello Dr pino, how are you since i left sololo for embu. i trust this email finds you in great health.
i hpoe everything in Obbitu village is going on smoothly without any problem.
i'm fine but i miss the project very much .
i'm not in touch and feel the project the way i would like to personally do and supervise.
please understand that i want to be present in obbitu all the times.
i do not accept any thing to go wrong in Obbitu.
if it is possible i would love to leave government service to work for CIPAD project.
please discuss with Mondeco to see wether it is possible they can increase my allowance to cater for what the government pay for me.
i would like to give all my working hours to support the project.
the divided hours does not build the capacity of CIPAD and sustainability of the project.
as you go back home , i wish you a safe journey home and say thank you very much for your tireless support for Boraana community
especially this period of very severe drought.
and please pass my thanks to Modeco and mehala.
the project has saved the lives of many OVC in Sololo and
further the water emergency project has saved the lives of Most at risk population in Sololo community.
my sincere greetings to mama margot,andrea. and all the members of mondeco and Mehala onlus.
through you may i say thank you to all visitors who came to see us or have donated
 towards this course of puting a smile face on an orphans and vulnerable children.
and giving them hope for the future
with regards