1. The number of children for support will be increased from 314 to 400 OVC.
more food is required as the number of household will increase from 110 to 160
2. 1 additional OVC worker will be added to effectively collect data from OVC household complete in time and accurately.
3. Firewood has finished in the vicinity of Obbitu village the distance is long to look for firewood. CIPAD will hire Lorries to bring firewood for Obbitu children.
4. The buildings have faded paints and require repainting
5. The current drought and the increase in petrol/diesel price have increased the price of food stuffs.
6. 1 lady who was under OVC support completed tailoring course supported by CIPAD, she require 1 sewing machine and accessories to start self support. She will assist to mend and repair clothes for supported OVC.